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Lip Definition

What is loss of lip definition?

Most of us start to lose volume from their lips from our 40s onwards. If we are a smoker we may also develop fine lines (smoker’s lines) along the lip line which make the lips appear smaller and cause lipstick to bleed.

Some of us may also develop a “Mona Lisa Smile” when the sides of the mouth curl downwards giving the face a sad, melancholy look.


What causes loss of lip definition?

How quickly our lips lose volume is much down to genetics and the ageing process, but smoking and sun damage also play a part. Smoker’s lines are caused by constant puckering when sucking on a cigarette, while UV exposure breaks-down collagen and elastin the building blocks of youthful skin.


What are the treatments?

At the Light Touch Clinic we can correct, define and add moisture and subtle volume to thin or uneven lips creating a youthful smile. Treatments are:


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