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Crow’s Feet & Eye Bags

What are crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet or laughter lines are the fine lines that radiate out from the corners of the eyes. They are dynamic wrinkles meaning they are most noticeable when you smile or squint.


What causes crow’s feet?

Many factors contribute to crow’s feet including the ageing process, sun exposure, facial expressions such as squinting and smiling and smoking.


What are eye bags?

Eye bags are pouches of loose skin under the eyes.


What causes eye bags?

Eye bags are often hereditary. They are formed when the skin loses elasticity as we age and the muscles supporting the eye lids weaken. Fat moves forward into the lower lids making the eyes look baggy.


What are the treatments?

At the Light Touch Clinic we offer treatments to smooth and firm the skin around the eyes, softening crow’s feet and reducing the appearance of bags. These are:


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