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Non Surgical Treatments

At the Light Touch Clinic we only use gold-standard products and treatments carefully selected for their exceptional results. So whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or complete rejuvenation put your face and body in the hands of the experts.


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Face Treatments

  1. Acne & Acne Scarring
    We provide a number of treatments to help clear acne and the appearance of acne scarring with skin tightening procedures, mirco-needling treatments and advanced skin creams:> INTRAcel (award winning acne treatment)
    > Skin Peels
    > Medical Facials
    > Advanced Skincare
    > Dermalux (award winning phototherapy treatment)
    > Dermaroller (for acne scarring)
  2. Frown Lines & “No. 11’s”
    Reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead with creams, botox injections, non-surgical facelifts.>Wrinkle relaxing injections
    > Dermal filler injections (8 point facelift)
    > Advanced Skincare
    > INTRAcel Eye (radio frequency heat energy for delicate skin areas)
  3. Crow’s Feet
    We can tackle crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye area using prescription-strength skincare products and botox injections.
    > Wrinkle relaxing injections
    > Medical facials
    > Advanced Skincare
    > ULTRAcel
    > INTRAcel
  4. Eye Bags
    We can reduce dark circles under your eyes by replenishing the natural collagen and hyaluronic in your skin with Dermal Fillers.
    > Dermal filler injections
  5. Pigmentation
    Make skin appear more radiant and even with rejuvenating pigmentation treatments.
    > Skin Peels
    > Medical facials
    > Advanced Skincare
  6. Rosacea
    Using either light therapy or targeted pulse energy, we are able to treat this common skin condition.
    > Advanced electrolysis (ThermaVein pulse energy)
    > Dermalux (radiotherapy)
  7. Loss of volume to cheeks
    Improve the tautness of the skin around the cheek bones with a non-surgical facelift.
    > 8 Point Facelift (dermal filler injections)
  8. Spider veins
    We are able to treat thread veins, varicose veins and spider veins with a revolutionary pulse energy technique.
    > Thermavein
  9. Nose to mouth lines
    Reduce the appearance of laughter lines with targeted injections.
    > Dermal filler injections
  10. Loss of lip volume
    Improve the plumpness of your lips with our professional skin care range and filler injections.
    > Dermal filler injections
    > Advanced Skincare
  11. Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)
    Keep your teeth grinding under control with jaw relaxing Botox injections.
    > Botox Injections
  12. Marionette Lines
    Tackle marionette mouth wrinkles with specialist injections
    > Dermal filler injections
    > ULTRAcel
    > INTRAcel
  13. Hair Removal
    Remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body with targeted laser treatments.
    > Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal
  14. Loss of jawline definition
    Treat your double chin, turkey neck and general loss of elasticity around your jaw line with a range of non-surgical treatments that suit your individual needs.
    > ULTRAcel
    > Thread lift
    > Dermal filler injections
    > INTRAcel
  15. Neck lines
    If you suffer from a ‘crepey neck’ we can provide non-surgical solutions to decrease wrinkles and fine lines.
    > Wrinkle relaxing injections
    > INTRAcel
    > PRP Therapy
    > ULTRAcel
  16. Ageing Décolletage
    Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, skin sagging and fine lines on your décolletage with injections, plasma rich platelets (PRP) therapy or a range of professional skin creams and products.
    > PRP Therapy
    > Micro-Meso (mirco-injections)
    > Advanced Skincare
    > INTRAcel
  17. Ageing Hands
    Reduce the appearance of ageing hands with our award winning phototherapy treatment.
    > Dermalux
    > INTRAcel
    > Dermal Filers



Body Treatments

Body Contouring


Vanquish is the latest machine to join our line-up of fat reduction treatments. Using radio-frequency energy, Vanquish destroys fat cells pain-free. This treatment has the largest spot size in the industry which means that the entire abdomen, flank-to-flank, can be treated all at once.

Diet and Detox Programme

Lose weight and embark on a healthier lifestyle with our bespoke diet and detox programme.

CoolSculpting® Fat Reduction

Our award-winning fat-busting treatment CoolSculpting® reduces areas of unwanted fat, no scalpel, no suction hose, no scarring.

Exilis Elite

Exilis Elite is perfect for those looking to tighten up loose skin or remove cellulite. Approved by the FDA and with a fantastic track record of success, Exilis Exlite is a favourite at the Light Touch Clinic.



Finishing Touches

Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Join the hundreds of Light Touch Clinic patients whose lives have been transformed by Soprano, the only permanent, painless laser hair removal system that works on all skin colours including tanned.

Fungal Nail Treatment

The Lunula Laser is a chiropodist and podiatrist-led laser which provides a simple and effective solution for treating onychomycosis (fungal nail infections). The Lunula Laser is a chiropodist and podiatrist-led laser which provides a simple and effective solution for treating onychomycosis (fungal nail infections).

Clinkle Corrector (cleavage wrinkle corrector)

A combination of Micro-Meso and wrinkle relaxing injections hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines on the chest and neck.


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