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Tixel Consultation Day

Tixel is the latest rejuvenation treatment available at the Light Touch Clinic. Using pure heat energy, Tixel delivers outstanding results on signs of ageing, acne and pigmentation. The results are comparable to CO2 laser but Tixel has significantly less downtime. Tixel can be used as an overall skin rejuvenation treatment, plumping out fine lines and […]

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Face Up To Facial Rejuvenation!

This month at Light Touch Clinic, we are focusing on reframing the upper face. It has never been easier to achieve a more youthful appearance to tired, ageing skin once more than with our incredible range of treatments. There’s sure to be something to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to eliminate fine lines and […]

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Testosterone Tales

Written by our Men’s Wellness Consultant Carlos Santos, Testosterone Tales is an insightful post which looks into the myths and facts regarding testosterone deficiency and how we can treat it. Testosterone Tales: The battle of fact over fiction When it comes to Testosterone common sense just isn’t common. I decided three years ago that I […]

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Cellulite Consultation Day

Tuesday 18th July Despite being an incredibly common condition, cellulite can be difficult to treat. This is because there are a number of factors which contribute to cellulite such as damaged collagen and elastin fibres, reduced lymph flow and shortening of connective tissue. We’re very excited about the latest cellulite-busting machine from BTL, the Exilis […]

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Skincare in Summer

Keeping on top of skincare can be difficult. Just when it seems you’ve found a routine that really works for you, the seasons change, and introduce a whole new range of irritants that prevent you from achieving that flawless complexion. Changes in temperatures and increased sun exposure can cause havoc to even the clearest skin, […]

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