At the Light Touch Clinic we have a range of world-class fillers which are designed to replenish lost facial by gently plumping the skin and erase lines and wrinkles. With the exception of Sculptra, all of our fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a substance that is naturally found in the body. As a guideline, these fillers last between 6 months and 1 year for most patients.

Our Hyaluronic Acid fillers (Juvederm and Restylane) are suitable for smoothing wrinkles and subtly enhancing volume all over the face including cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds (these are the lines that run from the outer corner of your nose to your lips) and removing dark circles under the eyes caused by volume loss.

Sculptra logoHow Does Sculptra Work?

Differently, Sculptra is made from a biocompatible and biodegradable material called poly-L-lactic acid and works gradually to target the underlying causes of ageing symptoms such as collagen loss. As opposed to just filling the gaps, Sculptra is a biostimulator, encouraging your body to create more collagen for a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Unlike our hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra does not produce an instant result. Instead you will see a gradual improvement as your body produces more collagen. For most of our patients results can be seen within the first few weeks of treatment.

The effects of Sculptra can last up to 2 years, making it an attractive option for those looking for longer lasting results.


Who Is Sculptra For?

Our Sculptra specialist, Janine Scott, can use Sculptra to treat problems areas all over the face including hollow temples, the eye area and cheeks.

We find that Sculptra is a great treatment for those who have pronounced hollows on their face or patients who have recently lost a lot of weight. While you may be happy to lose weight from your body, losing weight from your face can cause you to look a bit gaunt and tired.


Before and After Sculptra

Want To Learn More?

Come along and meet Janine Scott for a consultation. Friendly and professional, she will listen to your concerns and after analysing your skin she will put together a treatment plan to help you look and feel more refreshed.

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