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Dr Johanna Ward Joins The Team At Light Touch Clinic

We are very proud to introduce the newest member of the Light Touch team, Dr Johanna Ward! A highly trained and experienced GP and Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Ward specialises in rejuvenation treatments including: ULTRAcel, INTRAcel, Botox and Dermal Fillers. A true industry leader, she has won numerous awards throughout her career and regularly contributes to […]

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Botox celebrates 15 years as an FDA-approved wrinkle-relaxer

Earlier this month, Botox celebrated its 15th year as an FDA-approved wrinkle-relaxing treatment. Botox is our most popular treatment at the clinic but it doesn’t always get a fair portrayal in the media with numerous articles commenting celebrities with ‘frozen faces’ or ‘botched Botox’. Challenging some popular misconceptions, in this blog we look at 6 […]

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Treating Acne With INTRAcel

Suffering with acne Unfortunately, most of us suffer from some form of acne at some point in our lives. It is a common skin condition that affects 80% of teenagers and young adults between the ages of 11 and 30. The reason for this is that hormone changes in the body that occur during puberty […]

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High Street Skincare Vs Cosmeceuticals

If you have used high street skincare all your life, you might be surprised by the prices of cosmeceuticals sold at cosmetic clinics. Why is a cosmeceutical anti-ageing serum more expensive than an anti-ageing serum available at the supermarket? This is a really important question and this blog post seeks to explain the difference between […]

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Choose Wisely

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, Dr Natalie urges the public to think very carefully before choosing a cosmetic practitioner. You should look for someone who is medically qualified, has positive reader testimonials and registered with the CQC. The CQC, short for Care Quality Commission, inspect, monitor and regulate health care providers such as hospitals, […]

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